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Art Guidelines

Pixelated     Crisp


Vector Files (*.ai or *.eps)  (Preferred file type)

  • Vector-based images are the best to use.
  • An image that does not use pixels; very clear.
  • The resolution does not change when the size is changed; small or large, it has the same quality.
  • Vector files are mostly created in Adobe® Illustrator.

*Please note that we would need all text made into outlines.

Raster Files (*.jpg, *.tif, *.png or *.bmp)

  • It is not recommended to use an image taken from a web site.
  • A bitmap image – also known as a raster image – contains a finite number of pixels, the way a bitmap image looks is affected by its resolution. If you enlarge a bitmap image, it will lose detail and quality.
  • For a raster image to print clearly, we prefer to have the image set at a minimum of 72 dpi at full size or proportionally scaled to size.
  • Bitmap files are mostly created by digital cameras & Adobe® Photoshop.

*No .gifs please.

PDF Files (Portable Document Format)

  • A standard for representing electronic documents, allowing them to be transmitted and reproduced accurately.
  • PDFs may be created using any software (i.e. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Corel Draw and Microsoft® Programs).